Tim Herd grew up freely roaming Pennsylvania’s beautiful hills and valleys,  and matured into a passionate advocate for our natural assets and the vital benefits they provide.

A career chief executive with extensive experience in both private and public sector enterprises, Tim Herd is an accomplished administrator, naturalist, educator and communicator.

“Connective leadership is relational at its core—cultivating and motivating your human resources, and connecting them in personal and sustained commitments to realize results.” 

Tim founded America’s first fully mobile environmental education center, and has been nationally recognized for his “commitment and exceptional contributions to the stewardship of America’s natural and cultural resources.”

He is the former publisher of the MasterPoint e-newsletter interpreting power principles for leaders and managers. His syndicated columns and features have included Leadership Living, Nature Newswatch and Tim Herd’s Watchable Wildlife Guide.

Tim develops partnerships and collaborations for connecting people to nature and building vibrant, sustainable communities. He is a Certified Park and Recreation Executive, and the honored recipient of the Shelburne Environmental Leadership Award.

He currently serves as the CEO of the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society, and as Secretary of the Council of State Executive Directors of the National Recreation and Park Association. He also sits on the national Advisory Board of Parks and Recreation magazine.