Unique gifts = niche value

The acorn woodpecker spends most of its time drilling holes in a single tree, only to plug each one with a single acorn. How do you fill your time?

The specific role an animal fills in its habitat is called its niche, which in turn facilitates the healthy function of the entire interdependent and interrelated community.

Similarly, your unique gifts and how you use them reveal your niche and enable your life purpose. What is your vital function? How do you facilitate vibrant living in your family? In your profession? Your community? Your world?

By this time of year, the pecker may have stashed as many as 50,000 acorns into one granary tree! Not only does that peculiar behavior develop an extensive food cache for itself and others, it also effectively disperses resources throughout the habitat, contributing to its long-term ecological health and stability.

The woodpecker’s simple, visual example tells us to “find your niche and fill it to the best of your ability.”