Brains are like cars

Brains are like the cars we ride
When put in gear and driven;
The highest peak or loneliest stretch
Is climbed and conquered, striven.

But fuel they need, and ignition too,
Or far they will not go;
Nor accomplish much on Life’s long trip
But waiting for a tow.

‘Cause brains not used are like the cars
Neglected ’til they’re rusted;
Though power lies beneath the hood,
Ignored, is just like busted.

But with the proper tuning,
Attention, love, and care,
Brains last much longer than the cars
And none the less for wear.

Indeed, with use, comes added value,
Honed to a polished luster;
For models of a hundred years
Still actively pass muster.

Both brain and car must be engaged
When going for a ride;
‘Cause neutral only gets somewhere
When nothing stops its downward glide.

Don’t put your brain in park and stop
And leave it to ignore it;
Nor put it in reverse too long
Without a reason for it.

For if you do you’ll never know
The thrill and skill of learning;
From the passing lane of open road
Comes knowledge, wisdom, yearning.

So with the proper maintenance,
Good fuel and extra spark;
Both car and brain are like as not
To help you make your mark.

Go forward then, run through the gears,
Sometimes get into overdrive;
For nothing happens, ‘less it’s made to
Nor neglected, stays alive.

The brain that came with your year’s model
Can last at least a lifetime;
Don’t wreck it with an aimless living –
To do would be a crime.