Rooted in rot—or resolution?

What job do you most hate to do?

My most odious task is cleaning out my rain spouts. In late fall, they’re overstuffed with soggy leaves; and in spring, zillions of maple seeds rooting in the reeking rot of their former winged, swirling glory. (Yesterday’s job performed at the top of an extension ladder harvested an entire wheelbarrow load of once-promising futures now reduced to rancid putrefaction!)

While I was trying not to breathe the fetid air hovering over my problem, I got to wondering what I could do to rid myself of this disgusting detail. So far complaining about it twice a year hasn’t resolved a thing.

Nor has ignoring it.

I could cut down the offending trees. I could cajole, trick, or even bribe someone else to clear the spouting in a more timely fashion. I could install covers on the gutters to ban the seeds’ and leaves’ entry in the first place. I could remove the gutters entirely. I could even move the house to an open field!

All of my potential resolutions share common traits, some by preventing, and some by managing the issue differently:

  1. They deal with the cause rather than my distaste for the job.
  2. They prevent an unpleasant issue from festering and becoming a bigger problem.
  3. They allow me to direct time and energies to other tasks.
  4. They change future outcomes.

Rather than allowing your problems to root in their own rot, what resolutions can you devise?