Rainbow in the rearview

The other day I glimpsed a rainbow in my rearview mirror. And as enamored of atmospheric optical phenomena as I am, I’m lucky I didn’t run off the road!

And while I don’t recommend taking your eyes off your destination for long—it’s a short trip to the bottom of the nearest ditch!—a quick review of where you’ve been in such circumstances can be an encouraging reminder of three truths:

●   A rainbow in your rearview means that the storm and its difficulties are behind you. You have survived it. Be grateful, and leave those troubles in the past.

●   A rainbow in the rearview means that you are facing the sun and its clearing skies. You are entering a change in your state of affairs. Be grateful, and embrace the future.

●   A rainbow in the rearview means that there are still beautiful wonders in this beleaguered, woeful world. Be grateful, and enjoy the present.