Produce & Productivity

The productive garden needs constant tending—just like the productive life. Here are some nuggets I dug up while tending to some gnarly-looking carrots. Consider these fruitful ways and means:

Design for orderly growth and future asset management.

  • Plan ahead to allow adequate capacity for a harvest of mature fruit.

Prepare good soil.

  • Develop a stable, nurturing environment, in which to be firmly rooted and grounded, for well-adjusted living and future success.

Fertilize to enhance production.

  • Supplement theoretical concepts with practical learning experiences for a well-rounded life.

Weed out unintentional or harmful growth.

  • Uproot and remove damaging attitudes, emotions and influences that choke healthy living.

Prune and thin for faster growth.

  • Maintain purposeful action toward fruitful results by eliminating all non-productive endeavors.

Compost to recycle nutrients.

  • Re-purpose what’s useful for improving and enhancing new areas of growth.   

Protect from destructive pests and thieves.

  • Maintain vigilance against all that comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Erect and maintain defenses to protect a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Provide infrastructure for support.

  • Like trellises, vine poles, and walkways, specialized training provides routes to new opportunities and supporting ladders to new levels of productivity.

Welcome sunshine and storms for strength.

  • Expect both good times and bad: both are needed to produce a healthy, disease- and disaster-resistant crop.

Partner for vital contributions.

  • As regular garden visitors enable pollination, enlist trusted mentors to facilitate your personal and professional growth.

Allow time for germination and maturation.

  • Good results take time. Embrace the process!