The out way in—and up!

4 Principles to Self-Satisfaction

out way in

Self-esteem, self-worth and self-satisfaction, despite how they sound, are never found in self.

True soul satisfaction at home, work, play—and in all of life—does not come from within.

Instead, our inner contentment is constructed from genuine interest and engagement with four prime pathways to self-realization and fulfillment.

Come, get intimately acquainted with these precious principles and discover how, through an outward direction, your inward satisfaction soars:

People. By focusing on the value of other people and meeting their needs, both their worth and your own is enhanced.

Position. Seek the significance in your surroundings, both literally and figuratively—and whether pungent or pleasant—with good will, grace and gratitude, and both your character and your capacity grows.

Passion. Discover what inspires you and pursue it. Embrace the joy it brings as you develop your interests, gifts and talents to contribute passionately in your position for the benefit of other people.

Purpose. Integrate the best of your People, Position and Passion practices to reveal and revel in the self-fulfillment of your life purpose.

How have you found this to be true?