Are you talkin’ to me?!

you talking to meOf all the people with whom you interact every day, there’s just one who both starts and ends your day with you: that familiar, good-looking one in the mirror!

As a leader, that’s the one who spends a major part of each day helping to create the future by casting the vision, developing buy-in and partnerships, investing in relationships, and influencing decision makers. What you do makes a difference in people’s lives.

The crucial aspect of your success is your ability to engage in meaningful communication with those you direct. And because you’ve earned their trust, they willingly accede and remain accountable to your leadership, and together you are able to accomplish much. It’s a great relationship.

But does that accountability extend to that one in the mirror?

It’s easy to hold others responsible; after all, it’s part of your job description. But the sharp leader recognizes that to remain sharp, accountability starts and ends with the first person singular.

In the interest of devoted self-development, I herewith agree and execute the following:

Self-Accountability Agreement

Whereas: I am responsible for my own actions, choices and behaviors. I alone am accountable for how I live my life, carry out my duties, and attain my personal and professional goals. Therefore, be it resolved: I will operate with the highest integrity in all personal and corporate interactions, demonstrating a commitment to truth, purpose, responsibility and trust.

I will set a high standard of excellence for superior workmanship, highest professional conduct and exceptional quality productions in all endeavors.

Furthermore, I will look myself in the eye in my twice-daily mirror meetings to answer to my own set of personal, vocational, and social standards of conduct:

1. Personal Responsibilities.   I will be complete and well-rounded, working daily to enrich my mental, physical, spiritual and financial well-being:

●  Am I engaged in regular exercise? Do I eat healthfully and get enough rest? Am I spending quality, rejuvenating time outdoors? Is my down-time spent in worthwhile pursuits?

●  Am I engaged in active learning? Do I keep my mind positive and nimble with uplifting stimulation and wholesome entertainment? Do I curb my base passions? Do I actively determine a positive attitude and my reactions to challenges and problems?

●  Am I nourishing my spiritual life? How am I serving God and other people? Do I fellowship with like-minded believers and contribute to improving the human condition?

●  Am I spending less than I earn? Do I adhere to a budget and follow a financial plan? Am I managing my resources with wisdom? Am I properly caring for the possessions I already have?

2. Vocational Responsibilities.   I will work to the best of my abilities, and continually strive to enhance and add to those abilities:

●  Am I meeting my own expectations in my job performance? Do I manage my time well? Am I scrupulously honest? How and in what specific ways may I improve this month? What can I do to exceed expectations and add value to the organization?

●  Am I treating my colleagues, clients and customers personably and honorably? How may I empower others in their jobs? Do I listen well? Do I return calls and emails promptly? Am I on time for appointments? How may I connect people to the larger cause?

3. Social Responsibilities.   I will treat other people as I wish to be treated:

●  Am I being faithful to my spouse, both mentally and physically? How may I invest in my marriage and enhance my relationships with family members? Am I demonstrating love to my children in a way they can understand? Do I apologize when I’m wrong?

●  Am I upholding the responsibilities I agreed to as a member of my civic organizations? Do I fairly tip service workers and treat them respectfully?  In what ways may I contribute to the good of my community? How am I demonstrating good citizenship?

Holding myself accountable for everything I say, think and do will enhance my health, my job performance, and my market value. My personal and professional relationships will prosper. My career will flourish. I will reach my goals and enjoy the rewards of success. I wholeheartedly agree to this contractual culpability.

Signed and self-witnessed__________________________________  Date_________

MasterPoint: It’s my life and I’m responsible for it.