Purposeful pursuits

It was a breezy autumn afternoon the other day during my walk. With the wind at my back, dry leaves skipped past me, dancing, spinning, tumbling, and racing ahead—pursued only by me and the breeze.

I couldn’t keep up with them. They sped ahead, reckless and rudderless: capriciously scattered by the zephyr’s whims.

But once spent of all momentum, there they drop; there they rot.

Ah! Where am I dashing in likewise abandonment? Am I advancing with purpose toward the goals I’ve chosen—or am I allowing distractions to sweep me from my charted destiny? Is there a reason for the route I’m taking, or have I swirled off into enticing eddies? Or, worse, have I been ambushed and completely spirited away by an overpowering blast?

And suppose I find myself forced onto a winding path I haven’t chosen? What if I become stranded in a place I had never intended to visit? What if, despite all my efforts, I cannot succeed in attaining what I have long desired? How will I ever resolve this? What if it never gets better? Is this where I’ll rot away? When will be able to tell the end of this story?

Such were the treacherous mental routes I once traveled years ago. In my pain I cried out with the psalmist: “How long, O Lord!?”

But while life’s gales and storms may at times propel me like a dry leaf, their impacts are mainly external. My problems may possess me for a time, but they cannot control my ultimate destination—unless I permit them. With a simple, intentional change in my point of view I at once obliterate their destructive influence and re-establish self-determination and self-direction.

At the time, I expressed my realignment to purpose with a similar analogy:

I am a dry leaf
Blown by the wind
And completely at its mercy.

Cut off from life-sustaining source,
Holding no promise,
To shrivel and drift
And rot and vanish…

What if…?

I am a seed
Blown by the wind
And completely at its mercy.

Cut off from life-sustaining source,
Holding new promise,
To anchor and sprout
And grow and flourish…

Purpose and direction can be found in and grasped from any place. Are you a leaf or a seed? The kernel of truth lies inside.

MasterPoint: Pursue purpose.