Taking stock for an intentional future

inventoryThe old hardware store in the town I grew up in was a complete hodgepodge of just about everything and anything. The owner, Alex Dettmer, an affable old gentleman, used to boast with a grin: “We have it if we can find it!”

The start of a new calendar is always is a convenient time for taking stock of our lives. With accumulating years, we collect countless experiences from which we can build a meaningful future. But as we organize them into storehouses, we must not only assess their relevance for our current needs, but also recognize what may be missing and seek to obtain the requisite supplies for our future as well. A store stocked with useless items fails—and fast!

Masterful living maintains a well-stocked and well-maintained Personal Inventory in a variety of crucial storehouses. A blank Inventory Ledger may look something like this:

 Personal Stock  Current Inventory  Short-Term Needs  Long-term Requisites

Note that assessing your Personal Inventory must be done coincidentally with reviewing, establishing and prioritizing your short- and long-term goals. Toss out outmoded concepts, order new training, cultivate existing abilities, and develop future possibilities by creating the mental, physical, spiritual, financial, relational, vocational and recreational capacities to meet them.

•  Need an MBA to advance to the top of your profession? Get it.
•  Do your video games compete with enhancing your marriage? Adjust the commitments.
•  What fitness level would require less medication? Lose the weight.
•  Is an old grudge preventing you from moving on? Toss it.
•  What new hobby may bring both pleasure and stress relief? Take it up.
•  Is an addiction controlling you? Get help.
•  How may your current management skill be developed for a higher level? Refine it.

Don’t merely exist as a haphazard hodgepodge of human potential! Pursue and assemble a custom-designed Personal Inventory for your own purposeful living and intentional future!