Live what you believe

LL 87 Leadership CreedYour mission, should you choose to accept, is to live the difference-making life of an effective leader.

Your gallant acts in the workplace will be challenged by cynics, skeptics, scoffers and mockers. So what.

Your bold morality is exactly what’s needed to lift the humdrum to the superb, the ordinary to extraordinary, and the dream to reality.

Everything rises or falls on leadership—the art of effecting change in personal attitudes and behaviors for a change in actions and circumstances. The direction of that change lies in how the leader lives out what he or she believes.

Those who believe and act on the principles of high-caliber leadership rise above a cynical world to become more effective, certain, resilient and influential—in a life-transforming journey for themselves, their organizations and those they lead.

For those who accept it, I offer the following statement of proven people-oriented principles expressed as The MasterPoint Leadership Creed. How you live what you believe will make all the difference.

The MasterPoint Leadership Creed

I hold myself responsible.
I am responsible for my own actions, choices and behaviors. I alone am accountable for how I live my life, carry out my duties, and attain my personal and professional goals. I will operate with the highest integrity in all personal and corporate interactions, demonstrating a commitment to truth, purpose, responsibility and trust.
     ♦ If I cannot lead myself, I cannot lead others.

I rely not on my position, but others’ permission.
I forgo the rights of my position to earn the cooperation of willing followers by developing trusting relationships. I treat people with authenticity, honor and respect, nurturing trust, open communication and a collaborative spirit. My most valuable resources are my human resources and I will treat them as such.
     ♦ It’s not about me.

I spur productive excellence.
I model and enforce a high standard of excellence for superior workmanship, highest professional conduct and exceptional quality products and services in all endeavors. I seek ways to contribute beyond my job description so my organization will grow in influence. My success is measured by results, not intentions.
 ♦ Less than my best degrades the rest.

I listen to, connect with, empower, and motivate my team.
I am the Encourager-in-Chief. I promote diversity of qualified viewpoints in unity of purpose. I delegate authority, create connections, and motivate my team members to meet expectations, achieve goals, and reach their maximum potential. I am attentive to their needs and celebrate their accomplishments.
     ♦ My positive interaction drives productive action.

I articulate the vision with clarity and infuse pride in purpose.
I help people define, commit to and realize the vision. I create a positive learning and sharing environment for staff, team members and stakeholders. I advocate passionately and effectively for the mission and infuse pride in the organization’s values and mission.
     ♦ Value multiplies when I add it.

I submit to mutual accountability.
My effectiveness is aligned with my accountability to those I lead; their mutual answerability builds a sturdy commitment to each other and our collective results. I balance caring for people with candor that directs them. I provide specific, timely, and respectful coaching and feedback to ensure operational excellence and improve individual performances.
     ♦ All for one and one for all raises everyone.

I commit to continual learning and self-development.
If I am to expand my influence, I must grow in my leadership capabilities and stay current with the innovations, standards and trends in my profession. As my character deepens and my wisdom grows, so do my opportunities and responsibilities to make practical differences in people’s lives.
     ♦ With wisdom comes influence; with influence comes impact.

I delegate tasks and develop other leaders.
I know that I do not know it all and cannot do it all. I invest in the development of my team members’ individual skills, talents and interests, and match them to the tasks ahead. For maximum effectiveness, I plan for my succession and develop others for leadership by promoting, practicing, coaching and rewarding a culture of leadership.
     ♦ Being succeeded is better than being needed.


MasterPoint: Live what you believe.