Mission: I’m possible

MissionPossibleEpisode 4-20-15

Setting: Right here, right now.

Good morning.

Your natural mental and emotional outlook today can be your most important ally—or your most insidious foe!

Normally undetected by remote surveillance, your mental disposition runs a clandestine intelligence-gathering operation. It is well-connected, extremely clever and highly efficient.

All your internal communiques, all your interpersonal diplomacy, indeed your entire worldview is focused through the predisposed lenses of your predominant tendencies.

As such, whether affirming, neutralizing or nullifying, they strongly influence all your beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and actions—and in every domain: mind and spirit, labor and leisure, home and community.

Their ulterior motive: control.

Your mission, should you decide to accept, is to ferret out the mole, shut down its nefarious black ops, and turn its surviving proclivities toward possibilities, its inclinations to ideals and its tendencies to triumphs.

This message will self-destruct…

Good luck.

Mission: Belief
Affirmed: I choose to see and believe the virtue in people, the worth of my potential, significance greater than my circumstances, and a favorable influence over my future.

  • How does maintaining detrimental beliefs and opinions damage my trust in others? in myself?
  • What specific judgements against particular persons, precepts, programs or plans should I discard in favor of promoting parity, peace, partnerships and progress?


Mission: Behavior
Affirmed: When I was a child I spoke and acted like a child, but now that I’m grown, I put away childish things. I will continue my self-development so I may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

  • What hold-overs of immaturity do I need to banish from my behavior?
  • With the people I encounter today: how may I expressly extend my respectful good will and consideration?


Mission: Attitude
Affirmed: My attitude is more critical than my capabilities and more far-reaching than my failures; it makes or breaks me.

  • What negative tendencies have crept into my usual demeanor at work? at home?
  • To combat the above, what positive perspectives will I choose to daily affirm and practice? I will watch as they produce constructive results.


Mission: Action
Affirmed: Living and leading intentionally requires purposeful action. Action results in obstacles overcome, summits scaled, vistas viewed and aims achieved.

  • What action steps have been lacking in my current plans and projects? I shall now begin them.
  • How may I explicitly encourage others in my sphere of influence to live and act intentionally?


MasterPoint: My mental and emotional outlook influences my beliefs, my behaviors, my attitudes, my actions. I will therefore predispose it to positive possibilities.