Discover Nature in the Weather

by Tim Herd is about observing, learning, understanding, and enjoying the constant panorama of an ever-changing sky scrolling by.

At once awesome and fearsome, the weather is always a source of inspiration and an invitation to discovery! Meteorology explores the earth’s weather and attempts to explain the various phenomena associated with it, from the continuous movement of water in the hydrologic cycle to dangerous funnel clouds that appear during a storm. Careful observation can reveal clues to the workings of weather: Why does the rain fall? What causes the wind to blow? How does a cloud form? How do hailstones form? What causes snow to fall? Why do tornadoes sometimes appear during a thunderstorm?

Discover Nature in the Weather answers these questions, providing a practical and entertaining guide to understanding the behavior of the sky. This book explores the many different elements of our weather, from the composition of the atmosphere and the effects of the Sun to the water cycle and the formation of clouds, and explains how they contribute to the day-today occurrences we observe.Straightforward information, fun facts, and engaging pen-and-ink illustrations from the expert hand of nature illustrator Patrice Kealy enable the reader to grasp the basics of our fascinating weather.

But the book isn’t all facts and information. The thrill of weather is in our experience of it. Each chapter offers a variety of observations to make, experiments to perform, and things to do, using common household items or readily available, inexpensive equipment. Identify clouds and track their movements. Keep a daily weather observation log. Photograph the changing skies. Measure the acidity of rainwater. Track a hurricane… and more!

256 pages softcover              Stackpole Books            ISBN 0-8117-2716-5