Don’t be a Twit

Roald Dahl, the celebrated author, wrote a delightfully disgusting story for children about a wretched, extra-specially horrible couple named Mr. and Mrs. Twit. Not only are they dirty, ugly, and mean-spirited, they are also stupid, and fall prey to their own nasty tricks. The Twits built their house without any windows, because they didn’t want Read More

Park and recreation’s big picture issues

The park and recreation profession is a diverse and comprehensive industry that improves personal, social, environmental, and economic health; promotes unifying and comprehensive solutions to societal issues; and advances standards of living wherever its unique contributions are sought and valued. In preparation for developing a series of statewide issue-based strategic plans, I am enlisting help Read More

The All New Change Game: how to play to win!

Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel, famously observed more than 50 years ago that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. And he’s been prophetically accurate in that prediction, which is now referred to as Moore’s Law, as the capability in digital electronic devices—from microprocessors to memory and pixel capacities—to mention just three—has exploded exponentially. And with Read More

How to live, eat and breathe leadership

When her workplace instituted a new nonsmoking rule, Gail came to realize that healthy living is a lifestyle choice—not just a workday prohibition. Practicing it part-time simply wouldn’t produce the results she wanted. So she chose to quit smoking entirely, eat better, exercise more frequently and enjoy the benefits of her healthier body. This serial Read More

How to hire the right people for the right jobs

One of my most challenging and delicate personnel issues involved a young man I had hired for his first professional job. Unfortunately, a number of disturbing shortcomings surfaced soon after he completed his orientation and assumed his duties. Despite his willing cooperation and our collective best efforts in seeking ways to improve, he was unable Read More

Leading and defining organizational culture and why it matters

How would you describe the overall atmosphere in your office? Are your public statements verified or disproved by your employees’ behaviors? What kinds of perceptions are revealed in their candid comments? Do your people feel appreciated—or depreciated? How does their collective demeanor affect the quality of their work and the comprehensive customer experience? Like water Read More

How to confront someone without making things worse

Which makes you cringe more? a. Fingernails scraping a blackboard. (Aarrrgh!) b. Biting into aluminum foil. (E-youch!) c. Confronting someone. (Nooooo!) I’m going to be blunt here: The purpose of confrontation is to effect a positive resolution. But to most people, that’s not the immediate implication. Many will declare they do not like confrontation, they Read More

The meaning of the Boy Scout Law

February is national Boy Scout Month. As an Eagle Scout, and the proud father of three Eagle Scouts, I can declare that Scouting, for very many reasons, has made a remarkable impact in each of our lives. Despite being maligned in recent years for one of its more unfavorable stands, the Boy Scouts of America Read More

Advancing from eligible to successful

I once received this real cover letter by a hopeful but clueless job applicant (quoted here exactly): Dear [Mr./ Herd Throughout my tenure [at specific name of company, with my current employer,] I frequently had the opportunity to use my [skill or skill set] and I’m proud that [I, we] were able to [grow size Read More

Take a turn at the front

Migrating Canada geese have a very public and proven way of spearheading their progress. By advancing together in a vee, their leader induces an aerodynamic lift for all who follow. And if you observe carefully, you’ll note that the Chief Honker switches periodically, as another energetic follower extends its neck and takes the lead for Read More