Leadership Living

Leadership Living is an engaging serial feature interpreting “MasterPoint” principles for both aspiring and seasoned professionals and corporate leaders. As concise, appealing and ongoing leadership training, the series adds value to company newsletters, magazines, and other professional membership publications.  Permission is granted for publication without charge, provided that each issue is presented in its entirety.

105  How dare I NOT be offended!          Taking offense is an act reserved only for me

104  Does your private life impact your public life?     You cannot separate character from conduct.
103  The All-New Change Game: how to play to win      Lead through trends, timings and transitions.
102  How to live, eat and breathe leadership          It’s not a matter of position, but disposition.
101  How to destroy the debilitating effects of ignorance within          Leaders are readers.
100  How to soar over the ruins of stinkin’ thinkin’   I choose. And my choices make all the difference.
99  How to hire the right people          Know first your own essentials
98  Leading and defining organizational culture         Mission, virtue, empowerment, and adaptability.
97  How to confront someone          A constructive confrontation yields a positive resolution.
96  Advancing from eligible to successful           To come along successfully, get along relationally.
95  Take a turn at the front          Initiative leads to leadership
94  Envisioning and crafting a custom-built future          Focus your vision to realize your dream
93  Intuitive by choice, not by chance          Intuitive leaders clue in to deliver up the best.
92  Gaining credibility through crisis          Character in crisis creates credibility in command.
91  Respect—it’s everywhere you want to be          Don’t merely yearn respect—earn it!
90  12 most engaging investments          Invest in your most valuable human resources.
89  Neutralize negativity          Lead best with a positive charge.
88  Intentionally the best          Being intentional is becoming to the best in me.
87  MasterPoint Leadership Creed          Live what you believe.
86  Getting smart about goals          Be smart, live smart with SMART goals.
85  7 deadly sins of professional irresponsibility          Achieve through a regimen of responsibility.
84  Let me tell you about my narcissism!          Outward living produces upward results.
83  Profiles in courage          Courage lives and grows within before asserting itself without.
82  Ascending the levels of leadership          Aspire higher to lead larger.
81  Shutting down the problem factory          Convert problem makers into problem solvers.
80  How to live a great story          My future is a blank page. I determine what I write on it.
79  Have your people call my people…          Constructive meetings make productive people.
78  Life and leadership on the road          Plan to act; act to lead; lead to live.
77  Why virtue matters          In every leadership decision, personal relationship, course of action.
76  Storms only cross our pathways          Weather difficult disturbances with proactive preparations.
75  The instrumental role of risk in success          Rise to the risks to reach the rewards.
74  Transformative firepower         Kindle an intentional blaze for the best in transformative results.
73  Are you talking to me?!          It’s my life and I’m responsible for it.
72  Agility in the land of giants          Disable your obstacles to achieve your dream.
71  You can’t make me! (but I can be persuaded)          Persuasiveness is power.
70  Let’s dance!          Love learning to lead in discerning.
69  How to fail uphill          Pack attitude to make altitude.
68  Be a successful double dealer          Be a Leader-Manager.
67  Purposeful pathfinding          Plot your way with the 4 cardinal points.          
66  Fostering creativity in the workplace          Invest in imagination, cultivate curiosity.          
65  Power-up with partnerships          The 8 T’s of tactical teambuilding.          
64  Relational results          Unify people for purposeful achievement.          
63  The right inner stuff          Nourish your assets to flourish your worth. 
62  Chasing the dream          Add synergy to significance to multiply value.
61  “Those” people          Don’t let the cliques spook you. Step up. Step confidently. Step in.         
60  Visionary achievement          The seven steps of visionary achievement.         
59  Fluxing fortunes          Remain flexible and open and things may go better for you.   
58  Recreation and re-creation       Get out! Refresh. Create. Lead. Succeed.         
57  Currents          Keep current with the issues & trends; partner up & navigate with purpose.         
56  Thinking and doing and being         Think to believe; believe to act; act to become. 

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