Maple Sugar

Maple SugarIn northeastern North America thrives a tree unrivaled in beauty, form, and function. Its stout trunk and graceful branches produce fine close-grained wood that is perfect for tools, furniture, and firewood. Its spreading crown, thickly draped in hand-shaped leaves, offers a vivid palette of changing colors to the sky and a sheltering security to numerous woodland creatures. And from its very depth issues a sweet sap that forms the sole ingredient of maple sugar – one of the world’s most appealing natural delicacies.

The choice sweetness of a maple is revealed in the intricate relationship of the tree’s living systems. This is a silver of its mystery: that an awesomely complex living network of woody beings and basic elements, swirling in the eternal cyle of growth and stasis, offers up such a tasty and tangible product of its majestic spirit.

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Discover more of the remarkable qualities and special gifts of this family of trees. Follow the footsteps of both bygone and present practitioners — and discover the easy step-by-step process — as you learn the lore, tap the trees, secure the sap, separate the sugar, and taste the treat.

This is one book with which you can truly  enjoy the fruits of your labor. Is pure maple syrup your sweetener of choice? Do you look forward to pancake breakfasts at steamy sugar shacks every spring? Are you tempted to try tapping the trees in your backyard? Maple Sugar guides you through every step of home production and provides a fascinating glimpse into the legends, history, and inner workings of the maple tree and its sweet sap.

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A perfect gift for maple lovers! Savor the surprising history of maple sugaring, learn to identify the various kinds of maple trees, discover how to tap your own trees and make your own syrup, and indulge yourself with more than 20 tempting recipes for old-fashioned treats like maple nut bread, maple eggnog, baked beans, maple nutmeg butternut squash, maple-glazed salmon, and pecan pie. What could be sweeter?

144 pages  softcover           Storey Publishing             ISBN: 978-1-60342-725-7