Nature Newswatch

nature newswatch: Osprey feeding on fish Nature Newswatch is an attractive weekly “capsule” of the North American world. In an informative, yet entertaining fashion, it alerts readers to what is happening in Nature  – from what’s blooming to who’s hatching to where the migrants are – as fertile and broad as Nature itself!

Tim Herd, host and writer of Nature Newswatch, explores a wide variety of wildlife and natural history topics to report the captivating events of a cleverly flourishing and ever changing natural world.

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As host and writer of Nature Newswatch Wildlife Almanac Productions, Herd’s concise reports in newspapers, magazines, and radio and video broadcasts focused on the “when” of nature – the periodical biological changes, adaptations and behaviors of North America’s diverse wildlife communities and their interrelationships within their habitats.

“Every outdoor moment is crammed with fascinating life and death struggles where wildlife doesn’t merely survive, but thrives in their ecological niches.” says Herd. “To be able to witness and interpret it for a wider audience is a unique opportunity for which I’m quite grateful.”

Nature Newswatch® was nationally distributed by Copley News Service. See the archive links at right for all print issues. The Nature Newswatch daily radio feature  was honored with the  Best Radio/TV Show Award in its inaugural year from the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.