April – June

Nature Newswatch by Tim Herd is an attractive weekly “capsule” of the North American world. In an informative, yet entertaining fashion, it alerts readers to what is happening in Nature and explores a wide variety of wildlife and natural history topics – from what’s blooming to who’s hatching to where the migrants are – as fertile and broad as Nature itself!

          A booming bird           American bittern courtship
          Raisin’ coon           Baby raccoons
          Springtime revival           Jack-in-the-Pulpit blooming
          Colorful exhibitionist           Wood duck courtship
          Onka-lee!            Red-winged blackbirds compete
                          Fanfare to breeding          Sage grouse communal courtship
                         Cups of California gold          California poppy in bloom
                         New opportunities          Coyote pups born
                         Timberdoodle antics           American woodcock courtship
                         Lizzie goes a-courtin’           Eastern collared lizard courtship
           Crazy choreography          Sandhill cranes dancing
          Spring bellweather          Trout lily blooming
          Carrying on          Least chipmunks born
          Time to kick it up           Baby bison born
          Prickly pleasers           Plains prickly pear in bloom
                          Lame deception           Killdeer defense
                         Fawns are dropping           White-tailed deer fawns born
                         A crabby affair           Horseshoe crabs spawning 
                        Cross-continental critter          Semipalmated plover migrating 
                        And the cubs take the playing field          Grizzly bear cubs
          Born to run          Pronghorn fawns 
          Eerie beauty          Indian pipes blooming
          Jack Doe          Black-tailed jackrabbit births
          Without equal          Painted bunting nesting
          Sea born and bred          Sea otter pups born
                         Life’s tough          Peregrine falcon chicks develop
                         Springtime’s triple crown          Red trillium blooming
                         The X generation          17-year periodical cicadas
                         Tales of the backwater           Beaver kits born
                         Bulls with a soft touch          Caribou in velvet
          Hummers of summer          Ruby-throated hummingbird 
          Know poison and save some scratch          Poison ivy
          Grounded!          Canada geese and goslings
          Backwater bellowing and breeding          American alligators
          Handy and hearty          Common foxglove
                          High society nightlife          Black-crowned night herons
                         Portly, ponderous and agile          West Indian manatee births
                         Unique style and grace          Black skimmer feeding
                         Birth by advantage          Least weasel births