January – March

Nature Newswatch by Tim Herd is an attractive weekly “capsule” of the North American world. In an informative, yet entertaining fashion, it alerts readers to what is happening in Nature and explores a wide variety of wildlife and natural history topics – from what’s blooming to who’s hatching to where the migrants are – as fertile and broad as Nature itself!

          Top dog          Gray wolf pack society
          A real party animal          River otters breeding
          Deer yarding          White-tailed deer in deep snow
          The wonderful net           Ducks on ice
          The earliest of birds          Great-horned owls nesting
                           Varying advantages          Snowshoe hare
                          Lynx links          Canada lynx
                          Hefty newborns          Humpback whale births
                          Sleepy-time, shut-eye births          American black bear twin births
                          Pugnacious hunter          Merlin
           Outwitting winter           Steller’s jay
          Striped and sensuous          Striped skunks mating
          A bloomin’ stinker          Skunk cabbage  
          It’s maple sugaring season!          Sugar maple
          Beastly glutton          Wolverine
                           Breaking up to make up          Scaled quail in winter coveys
                          Semi-annual friskiness          Red squirrel mating season
                          Mom’s fur-lined purse           Opossum embryonic births
                          The amazing armadillo          Nine-banded armadillo
                          K-k-k-call of the wild          Pileated woodpecker breeding
           Trilling times!          American toads calling
          Operation covert frenzy          Spotted salamanders’ mating frenzy
          Wooing and courting in the swamp          Anhingas courting and nesting
          Ice pup          Harp seal pups born
          Life in the fast lane           Greater roadrunners breeding
          Gotta fly now          Tundra swans migrating