July – September

Nature Newswatch by Tim Herd is an attractive weekly “capsule” of the North American world. In an informative, yet entertaining fashion, it alerts readers to what is happening in Nature and explores a wide variety of wildlife and natural history topics – from what’s blooming to who’s hatching to where the migrants are – as fertile and broad as Nature itself!

          Oh, say can it see          Bald eagle vision
          Celebrating summer          Yellow lady’s slipper in bloom
          Master mimic          Spicebush swallowtail
          Sound the general alarm!          Black-tailed prairie dog defense
          Swallows’s sky fare in season          Tree swallow
                          Laying on the beach          Loggerhead turtles laying eggs
                         Hunter in training          Red fox pups
                         Scratching out a living          Northern bobwhite chicks
                         No bones about it          Knobbed whelk
                         Tree fox          Gray fox pups leaving dens
           Monster          Gila monsters laying eggs
          Sitting on top of the world          Snowy owls nesting
          Pocket investors          Northern pocket gophers weaned
          Boldly yellow          Yellow warblers courting, nesting
          Beget and begone          Northern fur seal mother and pup
                          Comely kitty          Second litter of bobcat kittens
                         Bloomin’  Royal          Queen Anne’s lace
                         How I Spent my Summer Vacation          Horned puffin breeding
                         Sweet summer days warmed by the sun          Painted turtles basking
                         Watch for Big Blue          Great blue heron
           Protective mimicry          Polyphemus moth
          Prickly pleasers          Teasel
          Haah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!          Laughing gull
          Giving voice to power          Mountain lion strength, calls
          Pirates!          Long-tailed jaegers begin migrating
                          Beautiful freak of nature        Pacific seahorse males giving birth
                         Alluring perennial favorite          Black-eyed Susans blooming
                         Any which way but south          Post-breeding heron dispersal
                         Sky-kings of September          Ospreys migrating
                         The Mexican connection          Monarch butterflies migrating
           There’s some real squirreling away          Gray squirrels caching nuts
          Stealth viper          Copperhead
          Beginning of the end          Tall goldenrod in bloom
          Head wrangler          Mule deer antler velvet stripping off
          Woodland League’s Defensive Back          North American porcupine
                          Spunky acrobat          White-breasted nuthatch feeding
                         Moose rut          Moose rut season
                         Crabby spawn          Blue crabs mating
                         Heading toward hibernation          Arctic ground squirrels hibernating