October – December

Nature Newswatch by Tim Herd is an attractive weekly “capsule” of the North American world. In an informative, yet entertaining fashion, it alerts readers to what is happening in Nature and explores a wide variety of wildlife and natural history topics – from what’s blooming to who’s hatching to where the migrants are – as fertile and broad as Nature itself!

          Calling all cows!        Bull elk in rut season
          October Revolution          Autumn tree colors
          The defense rests          Five-lined skink defense and hibernation
          A bear of an appetite          Black bears fattening up
          You hear them before you see them          Canada geese migrating
                          Autumn song          White-crowned sparrow
                         Gold-plated rubies          American bittersweet
                         Drum session          Ruffed grouse fall drumming
                         Ghastly glimmer from clumps on stumps          Jack-o’-lantern mushroom
                         Flashy flyers          Green-winged teals migrating
           Scarlet leaves of autumn          Virginia creeper
          Destructive superheroes          Turkeytail polypore
          Talkin’ turkey!          Wild turkey
          Who-cooks-for-you-all?          Barred owl
          Riders in the sky          Red-tailed hawks migrating
                          Turncoat          Ermine in mid-molt
                         Huddled masses          Northern flying squirrel sleeping groups
                         Taking a dive          Double-crested cormorant
                         Eau de reek          Collared peccary
                         Head games          Bighorn sheep rut
           Deck the halls          American holly
          Winter dress white          Willow ptarmigan’s winter plumage
          Flyer fuel          Downy woodpecker
          Beachhead battles          Northern elephant seals breeding
          Of passion and parasites          American mistletoe
          Winter’s water rat          Muskrat active all winter