Wildlife Almanac Video Vignettes

Naturalist Tim Herd brings the wonder of all nature and the great outdoors to you!

It’s all around you—and affects you everyday!  All the magnificent wonders of the natural world meet you daily at your doorstep, backyard, sky and beyond!

“There are so many fascinating living creatures and intriguing natural phenomena that go unnoticed simply because we have no way to locate, understand or appreciate them.” So invites Tim Herd to be your friendly expert and guide for all things wild and natural. Written and hosted by Tim, and featuring the spectacular wildlife videography of North America’s most published wildlife photographer, Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III, Wildlife Almanac Video Vignettes is a daily 60-second television feature news broadcast on the when of Nature’s current events as an exquisite showcase of the beauty and diversity of wildlife, and Nature’s most captivating moments! While no longer in active production, several episodes of the series may be viewed on YouTube.

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