Christian Marriage & Family

Trained as a Certified Lay Disciple and a Special Licensed Worker in the Christian faith, Tim co-founded and served as CEO of a nondenominational nonprofit corporation for Christian education. He currently serves on the Local Board of Administration of Bethany Wesleyan Church and is active in its Voices of Praise choir. Together with his wife Carol, they serve as Communications Coordinators in the church’s Scriptural Funding Campaign to build a new multi-ministry worship center.

Bliss Contract: One Couple’s 30 Years of Marriage & 100 Years of Parenting Just four days after Tim and Carol’s thirtieth wedding anniversary, the cumulative ages of their four children added up to exactly 100 years: a reason to celebrate! In this uniquely personal account of their successful union and offspring, Tim recounts highlights from their ongoing “for better, worse, richer and poorer deal,” along with tales of courtship and conflicts, parenting and pardons, tragedies and triumphs, and humor and heartbreak; and offers counsel for all those desiring to improve on or begin their own Bliss Contract.

(Offer Good for a Lifetime; Limit One Spouse per Person per Lifetime Recommended; Not to be Construed as a Guarantee of Lifetime Happiness; Prize Package Includes each Individual’s Past Baggage, Present Conditions, and Potential Futures; All Expenses Not Included; All Participants Should Read and Understand the Prospectus Before Investing.)

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