Corporate & Community Leadership topics

LL 67 purposeful pathfindingInterpreting proven concepts of personal, corporate, nonprofit and community leadership, Tim Herd creatively draws from the worlds of nature, culture, business and everyday living to invigorate your personal and professional growth. Discover “MasterPoints” of the essential concepts to master and maximize your leadership impact. Contact Tim to customize a presentation to your group: tim@timherd.com


  • Building With People     creating dream teams and power partnerships
  • The Vigorous Nature of Child Wellness     many benefits of connecting to nature
  • Parks, Livability & the Triple Bottom Line    increasing community livability
  • Envisioning a Custom-built Future      focusing your vision to realize your dreams.
  • Winning the Change & Challenges Championship    mastering change
  • Bedrock Stewardship      developing environmental and community leadership
  • Raising Wellness     growing healthy and active communities 


Science, Environmental & Natural History topics 

circumhorizontal arcWith spectacular photography, an interpretive naturalist’s eye, and a storyteller’s passion and drama, Tim Herd teaches and inspires people to see nature as a precious resource of beauty and vitality that enriches the quality of life. Discover life lessons, deeper delights, and rewarding benefits from nature’s stunning splendor and magnificence. Contact Tim to customize a presentation to your group: tim@timherd.com

  • Kaleidoscope Sky     rainbows, halos, mirages, aurora & other celestial marvels 
  • Maple Sugaring     the history, lore & how-to behind this sweet treat
  • Eastern Woodland Indians     use of natural resources by the American Natives 
  • Pioneer and Colonial Living     colonial uses of natural resources 
  • Good Earthkeeping       environmental stewardship 
  • The Wondrous World of Winter    winter adaptations 
  • Cryptic Critters      animal adaptations 
  • Back from the Brink!     the case for open space 


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