You are what you truly believe

If credibility and influence are what you want, there can be no discrepancies between your thinking and your doing. (I mean: how seriously can you take nutrition advice from an obese physician?) We all want to know that what we think matters. That what we do matters. That we matter. Yet I’ve often observed that Read More

How to live, eat and breathe leadership

When her workplace instituted a new nonsmoking rule, Gail came to realize that healthy living is a lifestyle choice—not just a workday prohibition. Practicing it part-time simply wouldn’t produce the results she wanted. So she chose to quit smoking entirely, eat better, exercise more frequently and enjoy the benefits of her healthier body. This serial Read More

Mission: I’m possible

Episode 4-20-15 Setting: Right here, right now. Good morning. Your natural mental and emotional outlook today can be your most important ally—or your most insidious foe! Normally undetected by remote surveillance, your mental disposition runs a clandestine intelligence-gathering operation. It is well-connected, extremely clever and highly efficient. All your internal communiques, all your interpersonal diplomacy, Read More

Take a turn at the front

Migrating Canada geese have a very public and proven way of spearheading their progress. By advancing together in a vee, their leader induces an aerodynamic lift for all who follow. And if you observe carefully, you’ll note that the Chief Honker switches periodically, as another energetic follower extends its neck and takes the lead for Read More

Live what you believe

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to live the difference-making life of an effective leader. Your gallant acts in the workplace will be challenged by cynics, skeptics, scoffers and mockers. So what. Your bold morality is exactly what’s needed to lift the humdrum to the superb, the ordinary to extraordinary, and the dream Read More

Life and leadership on the road

A couple of years ago my wife and I took a cross-country road trip from eastern Pennsylvania to southern California and back: a journey of 21 days and nearly as many surprising yet practical lessons in living fully and leading intentionally. Right from the start, we had planned to camp at least some of the Read More

The instrumental role of risk in success

From way out here on the precarious end of this sagging limb, I’m going to declare that there’s never been a successful venture that has not included an element of risk. And furthermore, from this quivering, cracking twig, I tell you that in most cases, that risk has not only been beneficial, but instrumental to Read More

Leadership, Influence & Associates, Incorporated

“Influence is getting people to do what you want them to do. It is the means or method to achieve two ends: operating and improving. But there is more to influencing than simply passing along orders. The example you set is just as important as the words you speak. And you set an example—good or Read More

Thinking and doing and being

Olympic champions, bodybuilders and dieters, sales representatives, and all your basic goal-setters keep before them a clear picture of the desired end results even as they work toward them from afar off. You see, our brains are gullible: they believe what they are consistently told. The teen berated as a screw-up continues as one; the Read More