Advancing from eligible to successful

I once received this real cover letter by a hopeful but clueless job applicant (quoted here exactly): Dear [Mr./ Herd Throughout my tenure [at specific name of company, with my current employer,] I frequently had the opportunity to use my [skill or skill set] and I’m proud that [I, we] were able to [grow size Read More

Respect—it’s everywhere you want to be

It isn’t image. It’s not the money. And it isn’t power, prestige or even political capital: What drives both progress and profits inside every organization is a simple thing called respect. Universally recognized and traded (“It’s everywhere you want to be!”), respect is the currency of people on the move, who know and work its Read More

I gotta be me!

We Americans are suckers for originality. Have you ever noticed how many products are marketed as “Revolutionary New!” or TV episodes that are “All-New!”? Computers are designed to create regular demand for upgrades with planned obsolescence. We sleep on sidewalks to obtain new gadgets, we pay premiums for primo stuff, we must have the latest: Read More

Do you hear what I think?

What did he mean by that? Will she understand what I mean? Should I offer my opinion? When and how should I initiate or respond? Do I even know what I’m trying to say?  Effective communication is always a challenge. Michael Hyatt, in his International Leadership blog, recently commented: “Thank God there is a filter Read More