Let me tell you all about my narcissism!

Or, How to Lose Friends and Repulse People It’s a TV show I’ve never seen and never intend to. However, I accidently caught a brief portion of the promo for Bridezilla’s Marriage Boot Camp, which only confirmed that intention. In it, the wife, speaking about the relationship with her husband, declared, “We are both selfish… Read More

Influencing confluence

Trickling runoff from a mountain’s upper reaches coalesces into rivulets, which in turn merge into brooks. Brooks combine to form streams; streams gather into creeks, which build into expansive rivers, whose hydraulic action not only moves bedrock and other so-called immovable objects, but whose flow nourishes and sustains life, land, and the entire watershed. Such Read More

Fostering creativity in the workplace

We’re all for creativity: Hooray! As an esoteric concept, that is. Because when it flashes its bright ideas in our face, it gets personal and we decide it’s not all that. We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.  —Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962. According to a recent Read More

“Those” people

I do believe in spooks! I do! I do! I do! So exclaimed the Cowardly Lion in the Land of Oz: When confronted by a personal threat, he simply gave over to his fears and allowed their power to rule him. Tsk. Poor guy. That was before he discovered he already had all the courage Read More