Take a turn at the front

Migrating Canada geese have a very public and proven way of spearheading their progress. By advancing together in a vee, their leader induces an aerodynamic lift for all who follow. And if you observe carefully, you’ll note that the Chief Honker switches periodically, as another energetic follower extends its neck and takes the lead for Read More

Envisioning and crafting a custom-built future

My eyes are extremely near-sighted. That means they are able to focus only a very short distance from my retinas. It’s particularly helpful when I need to remove a splinter from my finger; I can bring it right up to my eyeballs, detect the minutest detail, and nimbly extract the problem. But if I ever Read More

Getting smart about goals

Peanuts Philosophers Charlie Brown and Linus are talking: Do you ever think about the future, Linus? — Oh, yes, all the time. What do you think you’d like to be when you grow up? — Outrageously happy. (That’s a much better answer than my response when I was very young: I wanted to be a Read More

Taking stock for an intentional future

The old hardware store in the town I grew up in was a complete hodgepodge of just about everything and anything. The owner, Alex Dettmer, an affable old gentleman, used to boast with a grin: “We have it if we can find it!” The start of a new calendar is always is a convenient time Read More

So there, then I’ll be

What if this happened: Many years ago someone you didn’t know gave you a set of incomprehensible drawings—gibberish, really—to build a time machine. What a joke! But just last year, upon earning your dual doctoral degrees in quantum physics and metaphysics, you happened across a yellowing portfolio containing those long-forgotten construction plans. To your astonishment, Read More