Leading and defining organizational culture and why it matters

How would you describe the overall atmosphere in your office? Are your public statements verified or disproved by your employees’ behaviors? What kinds of perceptions are revealed in their candid comments? Do your people feel appreciated—or depreciated? How does their collective demeanor affect the quality of their work and the comprehensive customer experience? Like water Read More

Getting smart about goals

Peanuts Philosophers Charlie Brown and Linus are talking: Do you ever think about the future, Linus? — Oh, yes, all the time. What do you think you’d like to be when you grow up? — Outrageously happy. (That’s a much better answer than my response when I was very young: I wanted to be a Read More

Taking stock for an intentional future

The old hardware store in the town I grew up in was a complete hodgepodge of just about everything and anything. The owner, Alex Dettmer, an affable old gentleman, used to boast with a grin: “We have it if we can find it!” The start of a new calendar is always is a convenient time Read More

Four cardinal points to purposeful pathfinding

You have purpose and destiny, and a choice of routes to achieve them. But your trail ahead is not complete in all locales; marked pathways and dedicated passages do not yet link all points. Undeveloped portions of your route must be bushwhacked. Some of it must be traversed in the dark. You are a pathfinder. Read More