Ascending the levels of leadership

The neighborhood playground where I grew up contained a popular multilevel merry-go-round. Mounted above its rotating platform were two higher levels of successively smaller diameter. The wildest ride was always found on the crowded, lowest level where centrifugal force could fling you out on the grass where your head could continue to spin. Climbing to Read More

Produce & Productivity

The productive garden needs constant tending—just like the productive life. Here are some nuggets I dug up while tending to some gnarly-looking carrots. Consider these fruitful ways and means: Design for orderly growth and future asset management. Plan ahead to allow adequate capacity for a harvest of mature fruit. Prepare good soil. Develop a stable, nurturing Read More

The right inner stuff

We and the trees have got a lot in common—especially when we compare our inner resources! Working together for our overall growth and development, these intrinsic assets can produce high value in the marketplace: Heartwood. In the very center of the tree grows the heartwood:  hard, dense wood, usually dark in color that gives strength to Read More

Cultivating success

See this old cultivator? It was my dad’s, and I think it was his dad’s. And it may have even been his dad’s before him. Now it’s mine, and it still works. I used it just today in planting my garden. One of my early memories from the farm involved that old cultivator. And while Read More

Inscribed invitation

Today’s vernal equinox briefly bathes the planet in equal amounts of daylight and darkness. And with the shift (in the northern hemisphere) from dark dormancy into animated ambience surges an inner revival for growth and development. In response to greater sunlight, internal pressures in the trees commence the rising of nutrient-laden sap from storage in Read More