Intuitive by choice, not by chance

Turns out I was clueless. And true to the diagnosis, I didn’t even know it. I only first realized it some years after I got married: that there really was something to the “women’s intuition” that Carol displayed, especially as she turned out to be correct, more often than not, in discerning the real intentions Read More

Intentionally the best

Sometimes the best way to see an issue clearly is to take it to its hypothetical extremes. The heightened contrast between them better illustrates the best and worst in a concept. At a recent seminar I attended, the facilitator asked the class for words and phrases that described our best and worst supervisors. Here’s how Read More

Taking stock for an intentional future

The old hardware store in the town I grew up in was a complete hodgepodge of just about everything and anything. The owner, Alex Dettmer, an affable old gentleman, used to boast with a grin: “We have it if we can find it!” The start of a new calendar is always is a convenient time Read More

How to live a great story

What would your life be like if you could write your own story? Donald Miller, the author of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, wrestled with just that question. As a writer, he knows all the techniques of character development, plot twists, and juxtaposing actions, scenes and conflicts that tell the kind of story Read More

Life and leadership on the road

A couple of years ago my wife and I took a cross-country road trip from eastern Pennsylvania to southern California and back: a journey of 21 days and nearly as many surprising yet practical lessons in living fully and leading intentionally. Right from the start, we had planned to camp at least some of the Read More

The instrumental role of risk in success

From way out here on the precarious end of this sagging limb, I’m going to declare that there’s never been a successful venture that has not included an element of risk. And furthermore, from this quivering, cracking twig, I tell you that in most cases, that risk has not only been beneficial, but instrumental to Read More

Blazing brilliantly for the best

During one of the seemingly annual debilitating October snowstorms in my area, a branch fell across the power lines outside my house and caught on fire.  As we gazed, the blaze soon fired the wire itself, then ran with it all the way to the transformer at the edge of our property. An immediate and Read More