Park and recreation’s big picture issues

The park and recreation profession is a diverse and comprehensive industry that improves personal, social, environmental, and economic health; promotes unifying and comprehensive solutions to societal issues; and advances standards of living wherever its unique contributions are sought and valued. In preparation for developing a series of statewide issue-based strategic plans, I am enlisting help Read More

Does your private life truly impact your public life?

It’s frequently denied, but more commonly ignored. We swear we don’t want to know what public leaders do privately—it’s their own business. (Yet the media claims it’s merely scooping up the private dirt the insatiable public appetite demands!) Perhaps. But we need look no further than the morning’s headlines to document the direct correlation between Read More

The All New Change Game: how to play to win!

Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel, famously observed more than 50 years ago that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. And he’s been prophetically accurate in that prediction, which is now referred to as Moore’s Law, as the capability in digital electronic devices—from microprocessors to memory and pixel capacities—to mention just three—has exploded exponentially. And with Read More

How to live, eat and breathe leadership

When her workplace instituted a new nonsmoking rule, Gail came to realize that healthy living is a lifestyle choice—not just a workday prohibition. Practicing it part-time simply wouldn’t produce the results she wanted. So she chose to quit smoking entirely, eat better, exercise more frequently and enjoy the benefits of her healthier body. This serial Read More

How to destroy the debilitating effects of (gulp!) ignorance within

Ignorance is debilitating. Being ignorant does not mean a person is stupid or unintelligent. It simply refers to knowledge not possessed, like a little child who is ignorant of how to drive a car. I myself am ignorant of a great many things, including international macroeconomics, internal medicine, and my way around the kitchen. However, Read More

Take a turn at the front

Migrating Canada geese have a very public and proven way of spearheading their progress. By advancing together in a vee, their leader induces an aerodynamic lift for all who follow. And if you observe carefully, you’ll note that the Chief Honker switches periodically, as another energetic follower extends its neck and takes the lead for Read More

Messing around in a small town

Chapman Quarries is the smallest incorporated borough in Pennsylvania, with a population in the 2010 census of 199 people. It’s where my dad’s family was established, and where his dad, granddad, and nearly all his male relatives worked the slate quarries. While I didn’t grow up in town, that’s where church was and where my Read More

Intuitive by choice, not by chance

Turns out I was clueless. And true to the diagnosis, I didn’t even know it. I only first realized it some years after I got married: that there really was something to the “women’s intuition” that Carol displayed, especially as she turned out to be correct, more often than not, in discerning the real intentions Read More

Gaining credibility in crisis

Something has gone drastically wrong and, like it or not, you’re involved. What now? Say you’re the supervising engineer at Three Mile Island when the alarms indicate a nuclear meltdown in progress. – Or the CEO of Johnson & Johnson when someone poisons your brand’s Tylenol capsules. – Or the County Sheriff as massive wildfires Read More

12 most engaging investments for a more rewarding return

What is your primary goal as a leader? Is it to advance your own career? If so, check the integrity of the wall your shaky ladder is leaning on. Self-promotion has no foundation and is often constructed of mere imagery. It has a tendency to crumble under pressure. (And then where are you? Looking up Read More