Intuitive by choice, not by chance

Turns out I was clueless. And true to the diagnosis, I didn’t even know it. I only first realized it some years after I got married: that there really was something to the “women’s intuition” that Carol displayed, especially as she turned out to be correct, more often than not, in discerning the real intentions Read More

7 deep truths to help you cope with the mid-winter blues

Even though there’s still another month before the spring equinox, the local record-keepers have noted this year has already achieved standing as the fourth-snowiest winter in my region: 65.4 inches. When winter is aggressively demonstrative, what with 18-inch snowfalls, icy blizzards and polar vortices making roads impassable, outdoor ventures dangerous, and forcing commerce and culture Read More

Let me tell you all about my narcissism!

Or, How to Lose Friends and Repulse People It’s a TV show I’ve never seen and never intend to. However, I accidently caught a brief portion of the promo for Bridezilla’s Marriage Boot Camp, which only confirmed that intention. In it, the wife, speaking about the relationship with her husband, declared, “We are both selfish… Read More

Do you hear what I think?

What did he mean by that? Will she understand what I mean? Should I offer my opinion? When and how should I initiate or respond? Do I even know what I’m trying to say?  Effective communication is always a challenge. Michael Hyatt, in his International Leadership blog, recently commented: “Thank God there is a filter Read More