Mission: I’m possible

Episode 4-20-15 Setting: Right here, right now. Good morning. Your natural mental and emotional outlook today can be your most important ally—or your most insidious foe! Normally undetected by remote surveillance, your mental disposition runs a clandestine intelligence-gathering operation. It is well-connected, extremely clever and highly efficient. All your internal communiques, all your interpersonal diplomacy, Read More

Messing around in a small town

Chapman Quarries is the smallest incorporated borough in Pennsylvania, with a population in the 2010 census of 199 people. It’s where my dad’s family was established, and where his dad, granddad, and nearly all his male relatives worked the slate quarries. While I didn’t grow up in town, that’s where church was and where my Read More

Fostering creativity in the workplace

We’re all for creativity: Hooray! As an esoteric concept, that is. Because when it flashes its bright ideas in our face, it gets personal and we decide it’s not all that. We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.  —Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962. According to a recent Read More

Rooted in rot—or resolution?

What job do you most hate to do? My most odious task is cleaning out my rain spouts. In late fall, they’re overstuffed with soggy leaves; and in spring, zillions of maple seeds rooting in the reeking rot of their former winged, swirling glory. (Yesterday’s job performed at the top of an extension ladder harvested Read More

Meanwhile, chasing the dream…

One of my dreams is to act in a film with my hero, Kermit the Frog. I love his natural optimism and team leadership as he artfully leaps from mayhem to mishap with his company of “frogs and dogs and bears and chickens and things” in pursuit of their dreams. In The Muppet Movie, they Read More

Inscribed invitation

Today’s vernal equinox briefly bathes the planet in equal amounts of daylight and darkness. And with the shift (in the northern hemisphere) from dark dormancy into animated ambience surges an inner revival for growth and development. In response to greater sunlight, internal pressures in the trees commence the rising of nutrient-laden sap from storage in Read More