Blazing brilliantly for the best

During one of the seemingly annual debilitating October snowstorms in my area, a branch fell across the power lines outside my house and caught on fire.  As we gazed, the blaze soon fired the wire itself, then ran with it all the way to the transformer at the edge of our property. An immediate and Read More

Influencing confluence

Trickling runoff from a mountain’s upper reaches coalesces into rivulets, which in turn merge into brooks. Brooks combine to form streams; streams gather into creeks, which build into expansive rivers, whose hydraulic action not only moves bedrock and other so-called immovable objects, but whose flow nourishes and sustains life, land, and the entire watershed. Such Read More

Brains are like cars

Brains are like the cars we ride When put in gear and driven; The highest peak or loneliest stretch Is climbed and conquered, striven. But fuel they need, and ignition too, Or far they will not go; Nor accomplish much on Life’s long trip But waiting for a tow. ‘Cause brains not used are like Read More