7 deep truths to help you cope with the mid-winter blues

Even though there’s still another month before the spring equinox, the local record-keepers have noted this year has already achieved standing as the fourth-snowiest winter in my region: 65.4 inches. When winter is aggressively demonstrative, what with 18-inch snowfalls, icy blizzards and polar vortices making roads impassable, outdoor ventures dangerous, and forcing commerce and culture Read More

Purposeful pursuits

It was a breezy autumn afternoon the other day during my walk. With the wind at my back, dry leaves skipped past me, dancing, spinning, tumbling, and racing ahead—pursued only by me and the breeze. I couldn’t keep up with them. They sped ahead, reckless and rudderless: capriciously scattered by the zephyr’s whims. But once Read More

Shutting down the problem factory

Come to Crazy Ernie’s Discount Problem Emporium of Total Workplace Madness! Need mountains from mole hills? We’ll custom build on your lot or ours! How about random reasons why something can’t be done? We’ve got dumpsterfuls—for immediate delivery! Looking for Blame? We ship blame to anyone anywhere anytime! Pyrotechnics? We invented Blowing Your Top! And don’t Read More

Storm tracks only cross our pathways, not become them.

The killer tornado that struck near El Reno, OK on May 31, 2013 has been reclassified  by researchers (as of yesterday) as an EF5, with winds in excess of 200 mph. It scoured the ground for 16.2 miles and, at 2.6 miles wide, was the widest ever recorded.  My sympathies to its victims and their Read More

Agility in the land of giants

In Bruce Wilkinson’s wonderfully empowering book The Dream Giver, he spins an allegory about a guy named Ordinary who leaves his comfort zone to pursue his dreams. The further he travels away from the familiar, the more unsettled he becomes, and the more he is oppressed by those opposed to his audacity to dream. He Read More