How to live, eat and breathe leadership

When her workplace instituted a new nonsmoking rule, Gail came to realize that healthy living is a lifestyle choice—not just a workday prohibition. Practicing it part-time simply wouldn’t produce the results she wanted. So she chose to quit smoking entirely, eat better, exercise more frequently and enjoy the benefits of her healthier body. This serial Read More

How to soar over the ruins of stinkin’ thinkin’

When my overcrowded local library was looking to expand, it wasn’t the people interested in improving themselves and their community who came out against it, of course, but only those who weren’t, or who refused to see the value in a better resource. Some people, bluntly put, prefer ignorance. The worst even take pride in Read More

How specifically articulating my requests make the world a better place

As a successful grant writer, I’ve learned to clearly articulate my need with respect to a grantor’s guidelines and principles. In every application, I study all of the conditions and criteria, and make sure that my proposed project fully meets every one of the objectives the grantor wishes to accomplish with its own money. Because Read More

Respect—it’s everywhere you want to be

It isn’t image. It’s not the money. And it isn’t power, prestige or even political capital: What drives both progress and profits inside every organization is a simple thing called respect. Universally recognized and traded (“It’s everywhere you want to be!”), respect is the currency of people on the move, who know and work its Read More

Live what you believe

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to live the difference-making life of an effective leader. Your gallant acts in the workplace will be challenged by cynics, skeptics, scoffers and mockers. So what. Your bold morality is exactly what’s needed to lift the humdrum to the superb, the ordinary to extraordinary, and the dream Read More

Taking stock for an intentional future

The old hardware store in the town I grew up in was a complete hodgepodge of just about everything and anything. The owner, Alex Dettmer, an affable old gentleman, used to boast with a grin: “We have it if we can find it!” The start of a new calendar is always is a convenient time Read More

Purposeful pursuits

It was a breezy autumn afternoon the other day during my walk. With the wind at my back, dry leaves skipped past me, dancing, spinning, tumbling, and racing ahead—pursued only by me and the breeze. I couldn’t keep up with them. They sped ahead, reckless and rudderless: capriciously scattered by the zephyr’s whims. But once Read More

Have your people call my people

I never drink coffee—except when it’s the only thought brewing at a meeting. According to a survey by Robert Half International, 45 percent of senior executives believe their employees would be more productive if their companies banned meetings at least one day each week. If only. Right? Meetings are notorious time wasters. I once stared Read More

Life and leadership on the road

A couple of years ago my wife and I took a cross-country road trip from eastern Pennsylvania to southern California and back: a journey of 21 days and nearly as many surprising yet practical lessons in living fully and leading intentionally. Right from the start, we had planned to camp at least some of the Read More

Leadership, Influence & Associates, Incorporated

“Influence is getting people to do what you want them to do. It is the means or method to achieve two ends: operating and improving. But there is more to influencing than simply passing along orders. The example you set is just as important as the words you speak. And you set an example—good or Read More