You are what you truly believe

If credibility and influence are what you want, there can be no discrepancies between your thinking and your doing. (I mean: how seriously can you take nutrition advice from an obese physician?) We all want to know that what we think matters. That what we do matters. That we matter. Yet I’ve often observed that Read More

How to hire the right people for the right jobs

One of my most challenging and delicate personnel issues involved a young man I had hired for his first professional job. Unfortunately, a number of disturbing shortcomings surfaced soon after he completed his orientation and assumed his duties. Despite his willing cooperation and our collective best efforts in seeking ways to improve, he was unable Read More

Ascending the levels of leadership

The neighborhood playground where I grew up contained a popular multilevel merry-go-round. Mounted above its rotating platform were two higher levels of successively smaller diameter. The wildest ride was always found on the crowded, lowest level where centrifugal force could fling you out on the grass where your head could continue to spin. Climbing to Read More