How to live a great story

What would your life be like if you could write your own story? Donald Miller, the author of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, wrestled with just that question. As a writer, he knows all the techniques of character development, plot twists, and juxtaposing actions, scenes and conflicts that tell the kind of story Read More

Storm tracks only cross our pathways, not become them.

The killer tornado that struck near El Reno, OK on May 31, 2013 has been reclassified  by researchers (as of yesterday) as an EF5, with winds in excess of 200 mph. It scoured the ground for 16.2 miles and, at 2.6 miles wide, was the widest ever recorded.  My sympathies to its victims and their Read More

The instrumental role of risk in success

From way out here on the precarious end of this sagging limb, I’m going to declare that there’s never been a successful venture that has not included an element of risk. And furthermore, from this quivering, cracking twig, I tell you that in most cases, that risk has not only been beneficial, but instrumental to Read More

Tries and trials

Just because you’ve missed the brass ring on the carousel doesn’t mean the ride’s over. During the heyday of musical carousels, an extra attraction enticed riders to grab a ring from a dispenser as the whirled turned. Players hoped to match their dexterity with the timing of the carousel’s rotation and the up-and-down canter of Read More