I gotta be me!

We Americans are suckers for originality. Have you ever noticed how many products are marketed as “Revolutionary New!” or TV episodes that are “All-New!”? Computers are designed to create regular demand for upgrades with planned obsolescence. We sleep on sidewalks to obtain new gadgets, we pay premiums for primo stuff, we must have the latest: Read More

The out way in—and up!

4 Principles to Self-Satisfaction Self-esteem, self-worth and self-satisfaction, despite how they sound, are never found in self. True soul satisfaction at home, work, play—and in all of life—does not come from within. Instead, our inner contentment is constructed from genuine interest and engagement with four prime pathways to self-realization and fulfillment. Come, get intimately acquainted Read More

“Those” people

I do believe in spooks! I do! I do! I do! So exclaimed the Cowardly Lion in the Land of Oz: When confronted by a personal threat, he simply gave over to his fears and allowed their power to rule him. Tsk. Poor guy. That was before he discovered he already had all the courage Read More