Neutralize negativity to lead with a positive charge

A particular duck hunter once had a prized Chesapeake Bay Retriever who not only loved water and was by nature a very happy and affectionate companion, but also possessed a one-of-a-kind skill: it could walk on water. One day the hunter invited an old friend to accompany him on a hunt to the marsh so Read More

And my point is..?

At first I wasn’t aware that my stories were pointless. I mean, they were just statements, personal memories, mere observations, and incredibly clever witticisms that I happened to verbalize to anyone within hearing range. My parents, I’m sure, were just as enthralled as I was to hear me dribbling wisdom. I was their firstborn son, Read More

Shutting down the problem factory

Come to Crazy Ernie’s Discount Problem Emporium of Total Workplace Madness! Need mountains from mole hills? We’ll custom build on your lot or ours! How about random reasons why something can’t be done? We’ve got dumpsterfuls—for immediate delivery! Looking for Blame? We ship blame to anyone anywhere anytime! Pyrotechnics? We invented Blowing Your Top! And don’t Read More

Rooted in rot—or resolution?

What job do you most hate to do? My most odious task is cleaning out my rain spouts. In late fall, they’re overstuffed with soggy leaves; and in spring, zillions of maple seeds rooting in the reeking rot of their former winged, swirling glory. (Yesterday’s job performed at the top of an extension ladder harvested Read More