How dare I NOT be offended!

One late evening of the American Civil War, President Lincoln visited the home of General McClellan, head of the Army of the Potomac, to discuss vital strategy. The General was out, so he waited for his return. After an hour McClellan arrived and was told that his important guest was waiting. Without a word, he Read More

How to destroy the debilitating effects of (gulp!) ignorance within

Ignorance is debilitating. Being ignorant does not mean a person is stupid or unintelligent. It simply refers to knowledge not possessed, like a little child who is ignorant of how to drive a car. I myself am ignorant of a great many things, including international macroeconomics, internal medicine, and my way around the kitchen. However, Read More

Respect—it’s everywhere you want to be

It isn’t image. It’s not the money. And it isn’t power, prestige or even political capital: What drives both progress and profits inside every organization is a simple thing called respect. Universally recognized and traded (“It’s everywhere you want to be!”), respect is the currency of people on the move, who know and work its Read More

Do you hear what I think?

What did he mean by that? Will she understand what I mean? Should I offer my opinion? When and how should I initiate or respond? Do I even know what I’m trying to say?  Effective communication is always a challenge. Michael Hyatt, in his International Leadership blog, recently commented: “Thank God there is a filter Read More

Now what? Commencing a new life plan

I was recently interviewed on advice for new graduates. Here’s how I answered. What other advice would you offer? 1. What do you wish you had known back then and now do know? When I graduated from college, I still didn’t know myself fully. I thought I did, of course. But there were still many Read More

Tries and trials

Just because you’ve missed the brass ring on the carousel doesn’t mean the ride’s over. During the heyday of musical carousels, an extra attraction enticed riders to grab a ring from a dispenser as the whirled turned. Players hoped to match their dexterity with the timing of the carousel’s rotation and the up-and-down canter of Read More