The All New Change Game: how to play to win!

Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel, famously observed more than 50 years ago that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. And he’s been prophetically accurate in that prediction, which is now referred to as Moore’s Law, as the capability in digital electronic devices—from microprocessors to memory and pixel capacities—to mention just three—has exploded exponentially. And with Read More

Envisioning and crafting a custom-built future

My eyes are extremely near-sighted. That means they are able to focus only a very short distance from my retinas. It’s particularly helpful when I need to remove a splinter from my finger; I can bring it right up to my eyeballs, detect the minutest detail, and nimbly extract the problem. But if I ever Read More

Live what you believe

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to live the difference-making life of an effective leader. Your gallant acts in the workplace will be challenged by cynics, skeptics, scoffers and mockers. So what. Your bold morality is exactly what’s needed to lift the humdrum to the superb, the ordinary to extraordinary, and the dream Read More

So there, then I’ll be

What if this happened: Many years ago someone you didn’t know gave you a set of incomprehensible drawings—gibberish, really—to build a time machine. What a joke! But just last year, upon earning your dual doctoral degrees in quantum physics and metaphysics, you happened across a yellowing portfolio containing those long-forgotten construction plans. To your astonishment, Read More

Blazing brilliantly for the best

During one of the seemingly annual debilitating October snowstorms in my area, a branch fell across the power lines outside my house and caught on fire.  As we gazed, the blaze soon fired the wire itself, then ran with it all the way to the transformer at the edge of our property. An immediate and Read More

Relational results

I like jigsaw puzzles. Working on them is a lot like getting the pieces of your life to all fit together—only much easier! One recent venture was a 2000-piece scene of the magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle framed by an expanse of clear blue sky, majestic mountains, picturesque lakes and the surrounding Bavarian forest. Despite its size Read More