Live what you believe

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to live the difference-making life of an effective leader. Your gallant acts in the workplace will be challenged by cynics, skeptics, scoffers and mockers. So what. Your bold morality is exactly what’s needed to lift the humdrum to the superb, the ordinary to extraordinary, and the dream Read More

Why science needs faith

Ancient wisdom describes words as being alive and powerful, and capable of speaking things into existence. Such, of course, is faith—a concept as instrumental to our modern existence as science—but which is incapable of being measured by it. For while science can track the electrical impulses of brain waves that give birth to concepts, as Read More

So there, then I’ll be

What if this happened: Many years ago someone you didn’t know gave you a set of incomprehensible drawings—gibberish, really—to build a time machine. What a joke! But just last year, upon earning your dual doctoral degrees in quantum physics and metaphysics, you happened across a yellowing portfolio containing those long-forgotten construction plans. To your astonishment, Read More

Brains are like cars

Brains are like the cars we ride When put in gear and driven; The highest peak or loneliest stretch Is climbed and conquered, striven. But fuel they need, and ignition too, Or far they will not go; Nor accomplish much on Life’s long trip But waiting for a tow. ‘Cause brains not used are like Read More