Watchable Wildlife Guides

Tim Herd’s Watchable Wildlife Guides offers timely reports on animal activities with practical tips for wildlife observation in the right place at the right time – with vibrant color photographs, colored range maps and current news about the most fascinating and watchable mammals, birds, and other creatures on the North American continent. Tim recommends his top dozen best public-accessible viewing sites, and adds his practical field observation tips.

          The best dam builder          American beavers repairing dams
          Time to herd on out          American bison’s annual autumn trek
          Side-swiping shorebird          American avocets congregating in winter flocks
          White-tails in a rut          White-tailed deer rut season
          Stubby’s fall moves          Saw-whet owls completing fall migration
                          Operation: Goshawk          Northern goshawks’ hunting maneuvers
                         King of the hill          Mountain goats breeding rut
                         Happy landings          Snow geese returning from breeding grounds
                         Canvasbacks are back          Canvasbacks settling in winter flocks
                         Hungry bandits!          Northern raccoons fattening up for winter
           Peerless plunger          Brown pelicans in small winter flocks
          Call of the Wild          Red wolf reintroduction and breeding program
          The mammal. the myth, the legend…          Reindeer’s adaptations to cold climate
          Lively black-capped chickadee          Winter-active chickadees
          Brought low by winter          Mule deer’s adaptations to winter stresses
                          Winter roosters          Bald eagles in winter congregations
                         Breeding success          Arctic foxes courting and breeding
                         Early birds          Great horned owls breeding and nesting
                         Exuberance in fur          River otters’ annual fling at reproduction
                         Duckz N the Hood          Hooded mergansers migrating and courting
           Fox family news          Red foxes  paring up for breeding
          Some serious strutting          Great egrets’ courtship displays
          Gutsy polecat          Fishers hunting and breeding
          Sky dancer          Red-shouldered hawks courting and nesting
          Harbinger’s return          Eastern bluebirds returning north
                           Now Appearing – Limited Engagement!          Wood frogs calling and breeding
                          Covert distinctions          American bitterns courting and breeding
                          Mob rules          Snail kite mobbed by red-winged blackbird
                          Brother, sing on!          Pacific chorus frog in peak voice
                          Extreme makeover: burrow edition          Burrowing owls nesting
            Leatherneck love          Wood storks nesting in colonies
           Home on the range          Feral horses reordering social groups
           Colorful zinger          Broad-billed hummingbirds nesting
           Polar debut          Polar bear cubs outside for the first time
           In signature style          Baltimore orioles nesting
                          Regal sprite         Golden-crowned kinglets nesting
                         Special mammalian blend          Ringtails being born in only litter of the year
                         Fritillary flight          Great spangled fritillaries taking flight
                         Paired for a purpose          Belted kingfishers nesting in tunnels